Technical Architect

You Will :

•  Be passionate about building great digital media software products

•  Architect technical solutions that meet business requirements, that are of high quality and that are cost effective

•  Provide technical leadership for a high performing software development team

•  Have good understanding of modern software frameworks, languages and concepts

•  At all times consider how to engineer software solutions to meet non functional requirements and maintainability requirements

•  Think well ahead to mitigate technical risks before they arise

•  Assist the team in identifying the root cause of technical issues

•  Roll up your sleeves and code when required

•  Document solutions and best practices with a high attention to detail

•  Proactively lead technical reviews to ensure best practices are being followed

•  Assist on the technical aspects of the sales cycle including estimations, product and solution briefings, technical discussions, proof-of-concepts

•  Solve difficult technical problems creatively across coding, testing, deployment, support and technical operations

You Have :

•  3+ years full stack software architecture experience working across Front End Apps, Backend End APIs and Big Data Solutions

•  3+ years software development experience with cloud deployments of large scale multi-tier applications using REST based APIs, SQL/NoSQL Databases, Hadoop, Message Queuing, Socket Communications, MapReduce, Auto Scaling

•  Strong experience in the AWS stack including Lambda, EC2, Elasticache, S3, Redshift, Kinesis, RDS, DynamoDB, Glacier, ELB, Route53, API Gateway, CloudWatch CloudFormation

•  Experience with logging and monitoring systems – Logstash, Splunk, NewRelic, Nagios

•  Experience with Continuous Integration, Git workflows, JIRA, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Selenium

•  Experience with Streaming Technologies would be a big plus – DASH/HLS, H.264/H.265/WebM Codecs, CDNs, Video Players, DRMs, EME, QoS/QoE optimisations

•  A solid grasp of Agile software development, TDD and Continuous Delivery

•  A Degree in computer science or engineering

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