Run Your Own In-App Campaigns on DIAGNAL ENGAGE

By November 18, 2017DIAGNAL ENGAGE

Getting a user to your app is to a large extent driven by external advertising spend. What a user does after landing on your site however is all about how you manage the customer journey on your own platform. Most product owners at Internet TV operators take either a passive or one size fits all approach to managing the customer onboarding process.

What if you could reach specific audiences with targeted content marketing messages which encourage them to see the constant value of your service or direct them to product offers of most relevance. What if you could entice action through limited time offers at the most perfect buying moments?

Diagnal Engage, through a set of easy to use In-App designers, allows targeted and orchestrated conversations with your audiences managed by your in-house teams. Engage’s In-App designers are integrated to your content management systems to allow you to surface posters, still images, behind the scenes shots, cast and crew photos in a way that creates an emotional connect with your audience alongside your call to actions.