Providing you a 360 degree understanding of your digital media business performance

Business Challenges

•  Data silos without the ability to look across different data sets to answer simple business questions

•  Decreasing data quality with an increasing number of new applications and devices

•  How to provide data to a new generation of data driven applications and services


•  Event tracking from all players and backend systems ingested into one digital media domain relevant data warehousing schema

•  Event validation and data integration debugging that helps you maintain high data quality

•  Enables a holistic view of customer behaviour across multiple dimensions

•  Direct access to raw data to feed your data hungry applications and services


•  SDKs for all major Device Platforms

•  3rd Party Data Ingest

•  Big Data Architecture Capable of Handling Massive Amounts of Data

•  Integration with Visualisation tools like Tableau, TIBCO, Chart.io

•  Full Data Export Capabilities

•  Cloud Infrastructure running on AWS