Good design makes all the difference. We take our clients through
a simple five stage journey to realise their digital dreams.


Make Your Map

Product Features Exploration

We ideate with customers on key product design features based on a deep understanding of target user needs and the digital media industry. 

One example of a key product design feature is an easy to use video download experience for Asian OTT service providers to address concerns about mobile internet speeds in India.

Information Architecture Mapping

A good Information Architecture provides an easily understood and complete map of your product. Having this map in place enables you to plan out more accurately the next steps in design production. It also helps you to focus your efforts on those parts of the user experience which you know are going to be differentiators for your product.


Spec Out The Details

User Journey Specification

Key interactive user journeys such as registration, subscription and payment flows require detailing to ensure that you have considered all paths that a user may follow. We seek to reduce barriers for user to customer conversion wherever possible. We consider how to bring the user back on the happy path if something hasn’t gone as expected during one of these flows.

Wireframe Prototyping

Layout is detailed and agreed through wireframe prototyping which allows us to focus on page and navigation structure without spending a lot of time on the visual design elements at this stage.


Get Creative

Unified Creative Elements

This is where the application and extension of the brand identity to the defined design is carried out. During this stage, we are at our most creative. Selecting fonts, colours, gradients, layers, accents, interactive elements and more to help your service stand out and to be uniquely recognisable.


Now Make It Real

Development Specification

The work done up to this stage could be wasted effort if it is not possible to convert the designs into a real digital product that is created by developers. Development specifications help guide developers at pixel level detail on the designs they need to implement.

Development Support And Testing

While the development specification helps to a large degree, fine tuning is always required due to platform specific implementation issues. Our designers are available to help with developer questions and perform design oriented testing on releases provided by the developers.


Continuous Improvement

User Behaviour Review

Observing real user behaviour with the designed product gives continuous insights into how to improve it. For example, you may want to alter the user journey or the layout if you see that users are not completing the registration flow as expected.

Platform Expansion

New devices and operating systems are emerging almost daily. Existing designs often need to be extended to cater for new screen sizes and interactive controls. We work closely with clients to extend their designs from mainstream devices onto emerging and niche devices.