Star Dimsum

Malaysia Launch

Customer Background

Star Media Group Malaysia, which is primarily a news and media organization embarked on a second phase of its digital transformation plan in 2016 with the launch of dimsum, its own online video on demand service which is focussed entirely on Asian content.

Dimsum is a Subscription Video On Demand service (SVOD) with exclusive Asian content priced at RM15 (approx US$3.5) per month. The online High Definition (HD) video service offers five concurrent users on one single account, on five different devices.

“In Chinese language, dimsum literally translates to ‘selection of the heart’ or ‘order to your heart’s content’ and this is exactly what we want to do for our audience with dimsum. Provide them with exclusive and compelling content with an easy user experience.”  says Lam Swee Kim, Chief Marketing Officer of dimsum.

Diagnal Solution

Diagnal provided UIUX design services (Diagnal Imagine) as well as OTT systems integration and front end development services (Diagnal Create) for Dimsum.

We kicked off the project with workshops in Kuala Lumpur in mid July 2016 with the Dimsum team and Video Management Platform partner Xstream. Diagnal were set the challenging target of launching a customised premium OTT product in the space of four months.

Our design team proceeded at full pace during the first four weeks while at the same time, technical dependencies for key Dimsum features were prototyped and resolved.

Next software development and systems integration proceeded with multiple Diagnal teams working on Android, iOS, front end web and server side development using Agile software development processes. Constant collaboration across multiple communication channels between the Diagnal teams and between  Diagnal team leads and Star / Xstream leads was key to ensuring everyone moved forward together as requirements were refined during the project. For final user testing, the Diagnal team leads moved onsite to Star to ensure any gaps were quickly understood and fixed.

After an intense and dedicated effort on all sides, we’re happy to say that Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak officially launched on 8th November 2016 to a packed audience at Empire Hotel, Subang, Malaysia

Want to Know More?

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