Take your Internet TV business to new heights with highly targeted acquisition,
revenue conversion and retention campaigns

Business Challenges

•  Acquiring New Users without Heavy Advertising Spend

•  Monetising your investments by Converting Users into Paying Customer

•  Staying Relevant and of Value to your Customer Base

•  Responding to Changing Customer Sentiment


•  Social Campaigns to boost Content Virality

•  Target User Segments based on User Profile and User Behaviour 

•  Media Domain Focussed In App and Notification Campaigns

•  Sentiment Surveys and Service Ratings to Assess Customer Experience

•  Run External User Acquisition Campaigns on Social and Advertising platforms


•  Highly Scalable Real Time Event Collection and Segmentation Architecture 

•  Real Time Analytics & Reports

•  Cross Channel Campaign Integrations – Social, Push Notification, In App

•  Messaging, Email, SMS

•  SDKs for all major Device Platforms

•  Cloud Infrastructure running on AWS

30 Day Free Trial

•  Free Trial all Campaign Types for up to 10,000 users

•  Demo Campaigns