Launch a new Internet TV business today.
Put the pedal to the metal in four steps.


You Are Unique

Requirements Specification

We check the boxes to determine your unique business and technical requirements. From video playback experience to geographic deployment to device platforms to content security, we run through a comprehensive yet concise specification of your digital media technical platform needs. Our approach to scope definition can be prescriptive, consultative or responsive based on your readiness and the need for speed.


Cutting To The Chase

Tech Budget

There are a plethora of OTT technologies and technology vendor options to choose from, but limited options that match your business case across multiple dimensions of cost, flexibility, regional readiness, time to market, completeness and operational efficiency. With years of practical experience, we’re in a prime position to provide the guidance you need to hit the ground running.


Plan Your House Well

Solution Architecture

Getting the best out of your technology vendors, whilst ensuring you still retain industry or enterprise standards for future flexibility. Your solution architecture needs to be a hundred percent focussed on meeting current business needs within your budget, but should also allow you to grow your business as well as mitigate against the possible risks you might face.


Off To The Races

Software Development and Deployment

With a strong software development and systems integration team having extensive experience of digital media projects, we provide a variety of technology solutions including multi-platform applications, content workflow, middleware and payment integrations that enable your product and partner requirements to come to life. We are firm believers in Agile software development processes and also believe in empowering smart developers to make the right decisions continuously and autonomously throughout the project lifecycle.